Saturday, 5 February 2011

Love you but gotta Leave you![Closed]

Sorry Guys!!! I will be abandoning you for the next month or so :(
I'm going on Holiday! Therefore I won't be using the PC much since I will be shopping till I drop (literally)!
So just for a bit of fun I will be hosting a giveaway, hopefully it makes my disappearance not so noticeable XD

I've actually made a video for the Giveaway so just watch it <3
(sorry about the cold :3)

I hope you all managed to understand XD

This is an International giveaway!
Moving on to the rules! 

  •  Must be a Public Follower of this blog, Leave your Name and a valid email address (I don't appreciate it if you follow me for the giveaway and then buggering off! If this occurs, I will not be a happy bunny ^^ so keep following kai <3)
  • Tell me a reason/or reasons WHY you've followed my blog :) 
 This will be 1 Entry

  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet about my giveaway (leave a link) +1 Entry
  •  Blog about my giveaway including the Picture (Leave a link) +1 Entry
  • Add my Giveaway to the Sidebar (Leave a Link) +1 Entry
 Please leave your entries all in ONE comment! So it will be easier for me to count!
Total of 4 Entries each :) 
(Unless you already follow me, then you get an extra one <3)

The winner will be chosen by  
All items were purchased with my own money and nothing was given to me!

I would just like to say that I will be checking ALL entries because I want to make it fair for everyone, anyone not obeying the rules will be disqualified!  

Also I will be keeping authorisation on since I can authorise and count up the entries as I go along, hopefully making it easier for me :)

So don't worry if it takes a while for your entry to appear, it's probably because I haven't gotten round to authorising them!

 The winner will be announced shortly after :)

Good Luck Everyone!

Much Love Chanel


  1. Aw nice giveaway =] I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday, you will be missed!
    It was great seeing you on video and I'm glad that you were comfortable with making a video for us <3 I love your accent hehe
    I will eventually join but for now I just wanted to give you a comment and say that it's been great knowing you through blogging and I will continue to support you ^^

  2. AWw your sooo sweet Jen! And dont forget! ill always support you too <3

  3. Yayyy for the video \^o^/! You have a cute accent Chanel^^ I hope you will have safe flight to hongkong =) And yessss, I'm going to join this giveaway =D! The reason why I followed you is because of your lovely haul posts, i'm always curious what you had bought hihi and your blog is easy and fun to read ^__^!

    Follower: Elisa ♥

    ;) good luck everybody =D !

  4. OMG LOVE the vid...your accent is so HOT! hahaha I'll do your entries a little later when I have more time...Ill miss ya!! <3

  5. Hi,
    Enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I follow your blog because I love to learn new things from your experience.
    I follow you on twitter (@cameliaadriana) and tweeted here :!/cameliaadriana/status/33922032940879872
    Email :

  6. I'm a new follower, but I already read some posts of yours and I really like your writing style and your reviews, because you're so sincere and credible :).

  7. Hi! My name's Wendy and my email is itzwendyt(at)yahoo(dot)com. I've always been a follower of your amazing blog and will continue to be! :D I followed your blog because i like the stuff you review and swatch and your OOTDs.Your personality is also another reason!:D Thanks for the great giveaway! Keep up with the great blog and have an awesome vacation/holiday!
    P.S. i love your accent! :D

  8. Hi! New follower here.

    I follow as Lena Tallina on GFC.
    I follow on Twitter as SeptemberLena, and I retweeted here:!/CutieCocoChanel/status/33868391328522240

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  9. Hi! I hope you are enjoying your vacay! :)
    I follow your blog because I really like your posts...interesting, easy to read, plus your hauls are awesome!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  10. Hi ,

    I am a follower via GFC shaimaa

    I followed your blog Cause I am a beauty addicted ,you could check my blog too you are welcome to follow back

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    Blog about my giveaway including the Picture


  11. Gosh ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
    Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz. I like your OOTD. It is like inspiration for me in fashion :) You also nice to your follower, especially the one that comment to you, then you will comment back :)
    I follow you on twitter bird name doki doki co :) and twit here!/dokidokico/status/34179609897472000
    Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog :

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  12. hi.....and thanks 4 this giveaway!!
    My name is Lucilla and i follow u as lucibel11.
    My email cinziar86(at)libero(dot)it.
    I really like the way u review products.
    Have a great holiday!!

  13. Been a follower since who knows when!


    I follow you on this blog because you've supported me since I started and you are one of the most sweetest welcoming girls. You review so many amazing things and I will continue to follow...

    Tweeted!!! (@reiyn)


  14. Hello~~

    I've been a follower and I followed you because we have a lot of the same interests! Makeup, girly stuff, Hello Kitty ! haha =D

    I've been a follower on twitter too! @siwing38
    and tweeted

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway~!

  15. Yay finally the giveaway has come!

    I'm already a follower via GFC as Monik.
    I follow you since I love to read your reviews.

    Follow you on Twitter as @monikaretnani and tweet about this giveaway here.
    Blog about your giveaway here.

  16. Of course I'm a follower :)
    My email is
    I follow cause you're awesome and I love swapping with you and you've been such a good friend!! :-D

    I tweeted here:

    And I'm posting it on my sidebar!

    Thanks Chanel,
    and you're so adorable in your video!

  17. Great video
    i love your accent I hope you have a great time in hongkong 'i would like to join this giveaway The reason why I followed you is because of your you have great haul posts, i'm always on your blog 24/7
    Follower: thtgurl

  18. Hi,

    I'm following via GFC as angel.
    I like ur haul post and reviewing post.
    I posted ur giveaway at sidebar.


  19. Hi Chanel Tang!

    I am a GFC follower as Ktun. I like your blog because i like to see what you bought and question whether I really want to buy. It's good to always preview things before buying. I am obsess with nail polish. It's nice to actually see colors on someone's nail instead of just putting the bottle next to my fingers.

    I am following you on twitter as krispytincan. I tweeted about your giveaway
    I added your giveaway on my sidebar

    Thanks for this giveaway. My email is

  20. Hii,
    I'm a new follower. I followed you because I found your giveaway ^_^ without the giveaway, I wouldn't know about your blog. So hope that's alright. ^_^''

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  21. Wow! I am the follower number 100 :D
    Nick: Maribel F.
    I love your blog because it's different and I enjoy reading it :)
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    Thank you!

  22. Hi please enter me GFC name: Shruti
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    Starting to follow you recently, reason, your OOTDs, I'm so going to copycat them ;)
    You have a great choice.

  23. Followed via GFC as Saroun, my email is I am a new follower and notice your haul and posts are really easy to follow and understand. Thank you for this giveaway!

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  26. Hi ^_^. New follower here! So I started following because I love blogs about make-up and fashion. I've recently been really caring about make-up and fashion and I'm learning all about it. I love your posts too. Also, I'm kinda a bit obsessed with your accent. :D

    My Tweet:!/misstanoah/status/38062520434429952

    Thank you for the giveaway! <333333333333

  27. enter me please!
    i follow your blog because i think we have very similar tastes.. not only fashion/beauty.. but hello kitty obsession! (i was really excited about that haha)


  28. Hi!
    Cutest giveaway ever!
    I follow you because I like make up and nail polish swatches !!
    gfc: diana.shelter
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  29. Hi! I'm new to your blog! I loved your header pic and followed right away! Please enter me in your giveaway! And I'm not one those who follow and then unfollow. I choose who I follow wisely so I can support everyone properly. My email is
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    Tamera xo

  30. Hiii, I love the video!

    I’m a public follower. My name is Linda Yen and my email is
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    Linda Yen, 17

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    I followed you because I like your OOTD and haul posts, though I enjoy reading make up reviews, too. I just starting a personal style blog recently so I'm always looking for other blogs to follow to draw inspiration from and I think you can inpsire me :)

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    Thanks for organizing this! :D

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  36. Hey there :)
    I'm a new follower! I found you because of your giveaway but I started following you for love of Hello Kitty, I'm a fan too :D
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