Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hello Kitty Overdose?

Hey Beautiful Ladies! (and guys :))
I'm soooo sorry that I haven't been blogging as often lately, I've been lacking a bit of motivation to finish any posts :(

So to cheer myself up I went out hunting for inspiration :)
Look what I found!

I got these three gorgeous eyeshadow palettes from H&M 
I'm a total sucker for cute packaging so I just had to buy them <3

 This is the cute Angel Hello Kitty

 Swatched on my arm :)
The colours in this palette are quite neutral so its fantastic for everyday usage

 The Devil Hello Kitty :)

 The colours in this palette are more bright and daring
So it's quite a good range for day and night <3

 A Princess Hello Kitty
Doesn't she look adorable?

 Love all the colours in this palette 
The pigmentation in all of these aren't fantastic but they are usable and  very affordable :)
Perfect for everyday use and if your on a tight budget <3

When I was in Nottingham, dropping off my 'Beloved' Sister Christina, we went shopping in the sales to see what we could pick up! 
I really wanted more YSL lipsticks after i got the one for my christmas off the hubby, so when I saw the sale sign I skipped along to the counter XD
Found these babies in the sale for £14 each <3

 No 93 - Rose Litchi & No 94 - Orange Sanguine

The colours are quite sheer <3 
They glide on easily and smell delicious!
The Litchi one smells really fruity yum :) My camera has kinda washed out the colour it looks more pink when worn

With my mini haul part 1 over with hopefully I can get part 2 up tomorrow XD
As most of my twitter followers know, I'm going to HK soon *squeals* I'm so excited!
Do any of my followers live in HK? Gah would love to meet some of you!
 Getting to the point, I'm planning a giveaway which I will post like the week before I go away and it will run up till the day I get back! Just gathering all the items together and get the picture up :)
 Should I make a Vlog for my giveaway or post about it? hmmmm...

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys think!
With Love Chanel


  1. what ?! h&m makes hk palettes?? i've never seen them!! i was just there 2 days ago.. =( the ysl are such a steal! they don't go on sale here in the us..

  2. Great haul those hello kitty palettes are super cute! :)

  3. super cute HK cosmetics! have fun on your trip, Hong Kong is a great place to shop for cosmetics, im sure you'll go crazy! ;)

  4. awww the palettes are so cute!!! Oh bet you cannit wait to go to hk and buy loads of cute stuff and that XD

    And yes you should so make a vlog, i think you'll be really good at it XD


  5. Those palettes are cute!
    And I love YSL lipsticks! I wore one earlier tonight.
    I think you should do a vlog so I can see you talk lol! I might start vlogging soon since I got a Flip videocamera with the rest of my Christmas gift cards but I'm not sure!

  6. @Siwing yeah they always have cute stuff like that last time it was Betty Boop and now its HK and Minnie mouse :) If u want any of them i can gt u some jst msg me <3

    @liquoredonlacquer I Know right <3

    @coffretgorge I always go crazy hehe cuz i go back once a year i make sure im stocked up on my yearly needs XD i hate running out of things :)

    @Jen Ill try and make a vlog if its not successful then ill jst do a normal post haha XD

    @Jennifer Glad u like the palettes :) Which colour were u wearing!?!? i wana seee! Can't wait til i see your vlog, i'm scared incase u can't understand what im saying XD when i was in USA they kept askin me to repeat myself then call me cute cuz of my accent -.- It's pretty strong haha

  7. YES! YES! YES! A Vlog, a moving and posing Chanel! We wanna see that, everyone LOL

    The pigmentation of the palettes is uber nice OO

  8. I need to see if those palettes are at the H&M here. I want that Litchi lippie!!!!

  9. I saw a palette with 50 colors or something at h&m but didn't buy it. xD this one looks cute though =D

  10. I am falling in love with Hello Kitty although I don't own anything Hello Kitty related. I didnt even know H&M sells makeup...apparently I am behind the times lol.

  11. ha ha ha, where ever I go, I cannot seem to escape Hello Kitty ;-)