Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Feeling Broody XD I Think There's Trouble!

Yesterday I met my Niece and Nephew for the 1st time!
The travelled all the way from the Glorious USA!
My cousin moved over there a few years ago so it was a surprise to see them again
I've got a really BIG Asian Family so it means big celebrations are total chaos!
But they're always enjoyable <3

Please meet my adorable family members!

(L-R Sean(Nephew) Ethan(Cousin) Kayley(Niece))

 So my cousin Ethan is the youngest out of the three of them and he's totally adorable! 
On some days he even calls me mum -.- 
Kayley is really shy and just smiles when you talk to her XD
Sean is the wild child! OMG i don't think he really like me either, he gave me the most evil look when i called for him! Lol

Meet Caitlin, Ethan's sister, she's an evil evil witch! But too adorable to not love! 
Ugh she totally uses and abuses me *Sob*
 She only comes to me when she wants to use my lipstick and she's only 3! 

 A group photo XD
My aunt forced me to crouch down since she HATES that I'm taller than her! haha 

But the main reason apart from meeting my cousin again is that it was to celebrate my baby sisters birthday!
She's turning 10 tomorrow (Thursday) but since my mum only has tuesdays off we generally celebrate everything then :)

My mum ordered her a Hello Kitty cake, personally I thought it looked pretty deformed XD
 But it tasted delicious none the less!

My final note, I'd like to say
Happy Birthday Courtney! 

I know you read my blog *facepalm*
I hope you had a good day! 

With Love Chanel


  1. Hahahaha so many cute people and you look adorable crouching there x) They come over to celebrate CNY, right?

  2. AHHH Love the pictures!!! So~~~O adorable~! <3

  3. happy birthday courtney!!!! (: Can't believe I missed this gathering =[

  4. Aww they are all too cute. I love the hello kitty cake. I want one for my birthday! Happy Birthday to your sister.

  5. ahwwww, they are all so cuteeee xD

  6. Aww, all the little kids are so cute! Such a happy family! Happy birthday, Courtney :)

  7. Aw, what a great surprise to have her family fly all the way for her birthday! She's such a cutie!