Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lust it...Love it

Recently I was stalking Exotic Japan's blog and Tom posted some very nice pics!
Check out his blog he's rly artsy and cool!

When I saw this pic I fell in love instantly!

(Curtsy of Tom's Blog)
How Adorable is this suit?!?!?!?
So I began my mission of hunting down this Hoodie&Shorts set!
Took me a little while but I finally found it here!
It comes in different patterns aswell! 
I want them all!!!
They're $80 usd a set WITHOUT shipping... OUTRAGEOUS PRICES!
So it looks like i won't be buying them *sob* since im goin away on holiday i'd rather spend that money abroad =]
But i'll definitely get them when I come back :)

Lately I've been craving for Lucky Charms... but at £7.50 a box I'm not willing to part with my money that way XD

Thanks for reading! 
Much Love Chanel


  1. Oh my gosh they look SO comfy and cute!!
    You are making ME want Lucky Charms now too hahaha

  2. :) we can share lucky charms! Hopefully bring us bot loads of luck <3

  3. 80$ is ok for a jacket from Japan. I usually pay between 120 and 200$ for mine and once bought a Jesus Diamante jacket for 400$ (for a HOODIE... gosh), btw do you know Jesus Diamante, cutie?

  4. Tthey had so many cute things in that store. I agree with you that this outfit would look great on you, but the cost plus the shipping is expensive, especially if you are going on a trip soon and want to save your money for that. I hope that you can get this outfit sometime after you get back in time for next summer :-)

  5. if you love it, then $80 is worth it. Is lucky charms readily available there?? It's all over here, I'll send you some <3

  6. aww omg this is the cutest thing! it looks so warm and cozy too!

  7. @Anna Really? i never knew that! o well i might jst buy it then! and ive heard of Jesus Diamante but i dont own anything :)
    @Tom im jst gna buy it when i get back! Love it so much hehe :)
    @Sushi Lucky Charms is not readily available! It should be tho! It's like £7.50 for a box of cereal!! And you're sooo sweet!
    @Larissa I know! Did you enjoy your trip? im goin to HK in Feb :)

  8. It really is super cute. If you get it, let us know.

  9. That looks super comfy and adorable!! lol

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