Thursday, 30 December 2010

TAG! Your It!

Today, I was tagged by the Beautiful Elisa :)
Thank you Elisa!!
The rules i have to follow are:
1) Name your ups and downs in 2010 in a blogpost
2) Tag at least 5 other bloggers

 Lets get this party started!!!!! 

Where do I start?!?
The Ups of 2010

1) The 1st 'Up' of my 2010 has to be starting my own blog. I was really skeptical about starting this blog up but after much encouragment and a few pushes (or shoves off my sister ^^) I plucked up the courage to get this going :)
I'll never regret starting this! It's helped me meet so many nice people/bloggers which I would love to have as my lifelong friends!
Thank you all for the support!!

2) Finding out I have a half brother after 20 years of my life. lol odd right?
When I was a little girl I always said to my mum that I wanted an older brother...obviously that's impossible! OBVIOUSLY NOT
I went back to HK at the beginning of the year and got the shock of my life. My cousin introduced me to a guy saying he was my brother. I laughed thinking he was joking but i was soooo wrong. He's my half brother, belonging to my dad and his ex-wife. I had no idea my dad had an ex-wife... Clueless much?!?! 
 O well, at least my wish came true AND we get on pretty well, eventhough I don't get to see him often!

The Down of 2010

I only have one down of 2010 and that is spending too much time working and not enjoying my life enough!
I'm determined to change that in the new year! 

I always try to think optimistically and hope for the best :) It's healthier for the Mind, Body and Soul hehe 
Stressing too much gives you wrinkles!  

 Now for the second rule to be completed!

The bloggers i'm tagging are: 

Have fun girls! <3 

With Love Chanel

Raise Your Hands For Vivienne Westwood! *Pic Heavy*

Vivienne Westwood...Where do I Start!
I'm a VW Addict! 
My first ever VW purchase was a pair of earrings! Here:

I got these as a gift! These baby's started my addiction XD
My next few item were also earrings!
Here's a few pics :)

 The Heart is actually purple and these are a perfect size where as the 1st pair are HUGE :)

These are plain silver and are 3D orbs!
My cousin thought I had UFO's in my ears lolol
I wear these two pairs on a regular basis :)

I was very lucky this year :) For my birthday I got this beautiful VW necklace off my sister Christina!
Aswell as as this bag off the other half XD

 The necklace has 5 lil hearts its uber cute <3

 This bracelet was bought then Christina moved away for university, I bought the black/grey and the white pearl ones which were wrapped up and we chose it as a lucky dip i ended up with this one :) (I secretly wanted this one more hehe)

My infamous bag :) A HUGE bow on the front XD
I love the interior i think its really cute and the gold chain which is used as a strap can be detached and the bag is converted to a clutch :)

One of my newest purchases are my scarf which is featured in many of my posts since its been freezing in the UK!

It's actually alot warmer than it looks and its pretty light, I hate heavy scarves

I would like everyone to meet my Baby :)
I've been eyeing this clutch since FOREVER but kept convincing myself not to buy it XD
Finally couldn't resist and gave in :)

So what are your addictions?

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

Much Love Chanel

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Love Package!!

Today (Christmas Eve), i received my first ever Love Package!!!
Perfect timing for Christmas! 
Whoop! I'm so happy!!!!!
It came all the way from USA <3
I would love to introduce you all to the Gorgeously Beautiful and Uber Sweet Jennifer! (Check out her blog!)
How this whole thing started was that i blogged about Card Swapping for the Jolly Christmas Season and she was one of the first girls to reply to me <3
We ended up talking alot on twitter and emailing eachother, which ended with swapping addresses :)

I found this on the table when i woke up this morning: 

I was grinning so much I think my mam thought I was crazy XD

Everything was wrapped! She's sooo thoughtful <3

Inside the card she wrote the Sweetest message ever! 
I'm soooo happy that ive made such a good friend <3

I know your not supposed to open your presents until Christmas day but i couldn't resist and I got such a surprise!

I got the EOS Lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew!

I've ALWAYS wanted to try this! I mentioned this to her once and she was uber sweet to remember!
She also sent me a Wet'N'Wild Limited Edition Eye Kit, which is a really lush range of browns
I'll definitely review this when I have time :)

Jen is sooo awesome! She included a lot of Hello Kitty Goodies which were Super Cute!

Aren't the just the cutest?!
I don't wana use them because they look sooo cute!

There were also these beauties in the bag! 
A Wet'n'Wild lipgloss! Can't wait til i try it :)
And a Cream Blush From New York Color 
I adore cream blushers they jst look so smooth!
I'll review these ASAP!

Once Again Thanks Jennifer!!
Can't wait til our future swaps! You are just too generous!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all got what you wished for! 
Much Love Chanel

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might...

Christmas has to be my favourite holiday!
I love giving presents and seeing the receivers face light up when they like what they got..
I have to say i'm one of those people who likes to spend time on thinking what people would like or need, but it infuriates me when i receive any old crap back.. I don't give to receive but it's nice to see that soneone's actually thought about what to buy you and not just some last minute rush for anything. 

So there are plenty of presents under my Christmas Tree this year!

Nah jst kidding most of them aren't mine! :(
On Christmas day, my family come over to eat together! My mum does all the cooking XD She always cooks enough to feed a small army! Well technically theres like a small army who comes over for dinner!
I have a HUGE family XD My Grandma had 10 children... therefore i have a a gazillion cousins! I wouldn't change them for the world :) (well most of them, as the saying goes, you can choose your friends but not your family)

My wishlist:

This year i really wanted an Amazon Kindle for £109

I'm a real nerd when it comes to reading XD 
So this would have been perfect! I doubt i got it though :(

Burberry Mac Coat:

I've always wanted one but sometimes i don't think its worth what you pay for them! So i have to make do with my cheaper ones XD

I think thats all i really wanted, i don't usually ask for much apart from the usual shoes, clothes and makeup :)
My mummy gives me money to spend, so i usually save it for the sales. More for your money right ^^

What's on your wish list this year?
How do you celebrate your it?

Much Love Chanel

Thursday, 16 December 2010

H&M And ASOS Haul! *Pic Heavy*

My sister is back from Nottingham for Christmas Break! 
Welcome back Christina! (Check out her blog)
So we went out for some shopping and bonding time since we hadn't seen eachother in a while, guess what i came home with?!?! 
More Clothes :)
There was a sale section in H&M which i couldn't resist, i mean what kinda girl can resist a good bargin?!
I usually try to avoid busy sales since i hate the whole pushing and shoving senario 
But i still managed to pick up a couple of items since there wasn't many people there. I think it was because i got the end of the sale, Lucky Me!

I love this playsuit! I'm so glad i looked in between the rails and found this in a UK size 6, it was only £7!!
Its uber cute! Can't really wear it outside now since its called but its perfect for the summer! 

This came through the post this morning:

My ASOS Haul!!! 
Lately i've been totally addicted to buying socks XD
Weird i know, but i love Long socks they can totally change an outfit!
Firstly, the HOH Stockings: 

They have a white elastic band around the top which have House of Holland written on it XD
Modelled by me! Sorry about the shortness of the legs haha! 

Full length shot of the Play suit and the stockings 

Next, Ball and Chain socks:

Triple Chain Socks:

 I have no idea WHY i have no shoes on XD
And please pardon the not so nice legs 0.0
But i love the HOH socks since they manage to make a statement on their own!

What's YOUR latest addiction? 

Much Love Chanel

Stitch, Skirts, and other things!

Yup you got it, i'm an obsessive fangirl of Stitch XD
I have everything ranging from stationary, several giant plush teddies, tissue boxes, seat covers, figurines, car mirror you name it i more than likely have it XD
This obsession started when I watched the movie for the 1st time, then when i visited HK Disneyland I was involved with the interactive show when i was picked as Stitch's Girlfriend! He named a planet afer me and everything!

So to add to my ever growing collection i bought this:

My IPhone Cover:

Isn't it amazing?!
It took over 3 month to get to me since the 1st one got lost in the post and the seller sent me another one!

Moving on...


 This is one of my personal favourites, it's from Newlook :)
Im wearing it with a Juicy Couture t-shirt, giving me an overall smart and mature look doncha think?
 Pairing them with black tights and boots give the illusion that i have longer legs :) 
I'm always trying to find ways to make me look taller since im only 5ft 3.5, any tips?

Knitted Jumper!
Want to keep nice and warm for the winter months? 
A knitted jumper is a must have! 

I have so many different ones what can be worn in different ways, they're so versatile

This is also from New Look, its a cropped jumper so it gives an outfit a cute finishing touch :)

Sorry for not updating in a while!
Hope you Liked the post! 
What Disney character do you like the most?

Much Love Chanel