Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pink Fridays! What's not to Love!?

One of my Love/Addictions atm is MAC Makeup, so once i heard about the LE Pink Fridays Lipstick personally designed by Nicki Minaj, i couldn't resist i was on the MAC website by 00:10 and bought it for myself!

Im so happy that i bought this since it is now sold out! 
You can always try your luck and see if they come back into stock this Friday! Here! 
If you read my previous post 'Postie MIA' then you would see that this was one of my packages that i received that day. 
When i bought this and told my sister Christina, she was telling me that it was really similar to the Viva Glam Lady Gaga, which i already had.
I compared them straight away!

(Left- Pink Friday Right- Lady Gaga)

Sorry about the bad lighting XD
So here they are, you can't really tell the difference but Pink Friday is slightly darker.

I've swatched them here:

 (Top - Pink Friday Bottom - Lady Gaga)

 The Pink Friday has more of a Matte effect which i totally adore!
Gaga is more sheer and a lighter shade, as Christina likes to put it, it's quite a hard colour to wear and makes you look sick XD
I still like the Gaga lipstick but i definitely like the Pink Friday one alot more!
 When i finally get out of this house, which is when the snow melts and makes everywhere e.g my car more accessible, i will post a FOTD to see how this colour wears!
Until that day Pink Friday will have to wait :)

Hope you enjoy this post
With Love Chanel


  1. Great post! Hopefully I can pick up Pink Friday this Friday..

    Following you back btw. =)

  2. Thanks for following me back and i hope ur able to pick one up this friday since they're selling out really fast!

  3. hi sweetie! both colors look really pretty, do u have MAC pink nouveau as well? i think you'll love that shade as well! ;)

    thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog, i appreciate it! :)

  4. No i don't have that shade yet! Gahhh looks like ive got something else to add to my wishlist XD Thanks for the recommendations!
    Your welcome about your comments they're well deserved! I love your blog!

  5. think im going to have to get this :)

  6. the colors are super nice. i'm glad you were able to get some before it was all gone.

    she looks like a doll in this photo!