Wednesday, 8 December 2010


This snow is causing so many postal problems! 
Everything is taking 10 times longer ugh!
I'm soooo happy that today I finally got some packages through!
Firstly i would like to talk about my haul from Urban Outfitters
A very nice postie knocked on my door this morning and greeted me with this box, i practically squealed with delight and jumped into his arms, showering him with hugs and kisses if he didn't walk away so fast! 

Now the important part. THE CONTENTS:
*Drum roll please*

 A Hello Kitty Alarm Clock! 
It doubles as a piggy bank aswell which in my opinion is very useful :)
It was sooo adorable I just couldn't help myself, most who know me know I am absolutely terrible for timekeeping (sorry to those who have experienced my tardiness XD)
So hopefully having a new alarm clock will keep me from being late in the future!

I also managed to get my hands on these 3 gorgeous vests! 
Originally £35-£40 for one vest, they were on sale for £10 each plus I had a discount code with 20% off sale items so i got these for £8 each! 
I love a good bargin!

My other Package which arrived at the same time and had me even more excited was this:

A Package from the beautiful Stephanie Tran!
(Buy her handmade jewellery by clicking on the link)

I got a lovely handwritten message from her, which makes the package even more special!
For some reason it always makes the package feel more personal and shows that they've thought of you indiviually :)

The package came wrapped up with cute lil heart stickers on <3
Some sweets were thrown in yumyum apple my favourite flavour!
I carefully peeled back the stickers, since i like to collect the paper XD (Nerdy i know)
and unveiled these beauties: 

Two boxes wrapped up with a gorgeous green bow!
Gahhh they look sooo pretty i don't want to take them off!
I have to keep what's in them a surprise since these are gifts and i know that the people who these are going to read my blog XD

Hopefully more Hauls to come when they finally arrive! 
Looks like ill have to sweet talk my postman to make him hurry up hehe :)

 A quick look at my FOTD and OOTD :)

Henry Holland Cape Coat
Vivienne Westwood Scarf
Office Mountaineer Boots 

MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
MAC Tinted Moisturiser In Medium Dark
MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin
Sleek Sunset Palette 
Bourjois Paris Volumiser Mascara
New CID I'Glow Shimmer Powder in Icepop
SKII Lip Repair

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies!
With Love Chanel


  1. ngaw, such lovely packages! thanks for sharing
    i would love to see what's in those boxes x)
    you're gorgeous <3

  2. awesome Urban Outfitters haul!! ♥

    those boxes look really pretty too! :-) And great fotd & ootd! you look amazing! :-)

  3. I hope one of those 2 boxes are for me! =] since im trailing all the way back home in the train with your stuff (: very nice tho.
    hopefully your clock will stop you being late all the time..I doubt it though, one can only hope xD

  4. OMG i was actually gna get that hello kitty alarm clock but i manage to stop myself from buying as i've spent way too much money in da last month lol.

  5. Awwhh those are so amazing stuff!
    I just love the HK! But how can asian girls (or half asian like me) just not love HK! <3

    You look pretty!

  6. Oh, isn't it just a special feeling when you get a huge parcel like that in the mail?

    I love the great buys!


  7. ahhh I love getting parcels :) xo

  8. Haha that is so cute. I online window shop at Urban Outfitters nonstop. I love that cape you're wearing.

  9. @Jennifer I will be sure to take plenty of pics when i give them to their designated owners :) and post about them
    @liquoredonlacquer Thank you so much for the compliments :)
    @Christina Yes one of them is for you! lol i went out any got you MORE stuff today ugh Gavin thinks im spendin too much on you since i havent gt him anything else haha XD
    @Jen You totally should have got it!
    @Sam Everyone loves HK :) Hope you come back and follow me :) Thnaks for reading and commenting!
    @20 York Street I Love surprises! Bargins are great :) Thanks for visisting and commenting <3
    @Becki SNAP :)
    @Colette Thank you and i love online shopping its the best thing invented!

    Love All You Girls <3

  10. Hi, Love your blog, im following.
    HELLO KITTY!!!! IM a HUGE fan!!

  11. Hmph! Tell Gavin that, sisters>bfs tyvm. Case closed. And hes got lots already!

  12. I love Hello Kitty! So cute! Nice packages :)
    Also, love your FOTD and OOTD, you look really nice. I keep telling myself I'm gonna get MAC strobe cream... I really need to!
    Nice blog by the way, I'm following :)

  13. It is always nice when something like that arrives at your door.

    Great pics. Had to laugh at the last one, though, since you are biting your lower lip like you are thinking "I wonder how this shot will turn out" You are, as usually, still very cute, even in that shot :-)

  14. This post totally made my day by the way! :D

  15. hahah, you talkin' to me? Well, if you are, glad to hopefully make you laugh? As I mentioned a second ago, I never know if you replied back to one of my comments so let me know since I'd hate for you to think I didn't see your reply :-)