Thursday, 16 December 2010

H&M And ASOS Haul! *Pic Heavy*

My sister is back from Nottingham for Christmas Break! 
Welcome back Christina! (Check out her blog)
So we went out for some shopping and bonding time since we hadn't seen eachother in a while, guess what i came home with?!?! 
More Clothes :)
There was a sale section in H&M which i couldn't resist, i mean what kinda girl can resist a good bargin?!
I usually try to avoid busy sales since i hate the whole pushing and shoving senario 
But i still managed to pick up a couple of items since there wasn't many people there. I think it was because i got the end of the sale, Lucky Me!

I love this playsuit! I'm so glad i looked in between the rails and found this in a UK size 6, it was only £7!!
Its uber cute! Can't really wear it outside now since its called but its perfect for the summer! 

This came through the post this morning:

My ASOS Haul!!! 
Lately i've been totally addicted to buying socks XD
Weird i know, but i love Long socks they can totally change an outfit!
Firstly, the HOH Stockings: 

They have a white elastic band around the top which have House of Holland written on it XD
Modelled by me! Sorry about the shortness of the legs haha! 

Full length shot of the Play suit and the stockings 

Next, Ball and Chain socks:

Triple Chain Socks:

 I have no idea WHY i have no shoes on XD
And please pardon the not so nice legs 0.0
But i love the HOH socks since they manage to make a statement on their own!

What's YOUR latest addiction? 

Much Love Chanel


  1. Oh my gosh I love that playsuit!
    And the socks look great too, you have such good style.

  2. I love the playsuit :)
    Anw, it is better to use somecolor for the combination :)

  3. I adore your playsuit! cute socks by the way :)

  4. That playsuit is sooo cute! I wish I could pull something like that off!

  5. Wow, more great outfits. I like the longer socks, though. But with that outfit, I would probably prefer no socks at all since bare legs probably look best with that outfit. Very cute :-)

  6. Aww you guys are just too kind!
    Gah i love you all!
    Thanks for keeping up wht my blog XD
    Much Love

  7. like the playsuit ^^ and i've never ordered something from asos, would still love to do it sometime xD how long did it take?

  8. It looks very pretty!

    hope you'll follow me, to check daily my favorit items and stuff! <3

  9. ASOS!!!! im waiting for my asos parcel to come!! :D ordered a pair of bootie :) cant wait cant wait! xxx <3

  10. definitely loveeee the black playsuit!!!! :) :)

  11. Love love love the socks and tights! Asos in the best!

    P.S. don't forget to enter the Christmas Giveaway

  12. those are such cute socks!! i'm going to London tomorrow!!! hopefully my flight won't be cancelled! (fingers crossed!)
    i'm following you back <3

  13. Loving the haul. Thanks so much for entering my comp.

  14. You're always beautiful and lovely like always ^_^

  15. Hey girl,
    I love your background <3 very cute. Thanks for following me and checking out my blog :). I love your outfit very cute! keep it up with them post.

    Love; Debbie

  16. Hey there, I'm a new follower and found you via Sushi. Have a very lovely Christmas :3