Thursday, 30 December 2010

Raise Your Hands For Vivienne Westwood! *Pic Heavy*

Vivienne Westwood...Where do I Start!
I'm a VW Addict! 
My first ever VW purchase was a pair of earrings! Here:

I got these as a gift! These baby's started my addiction XD
My next few item were also earrings!
Here's a few pics :)

 The Heart is actually purple and these are a perfect size where as the 1st pair are HUGE :)

These are plain silver and are 3D orbs!
My cousin thought I had UFO's in my ears lolol
I wear these two pairs on a regular basis :)

I was very lucky this year :) For my birthday I got this beautiful VW necklace off my sister Christina!
Aswell as as this bag off the other half XD

 The necklace has 5 lil hearts its uber cute <3

 This bracelet was bought then Christina moved away for university, I bought the black/grey and the white pearl ones which were wrapped up and we chose it as a lucky dip i ended up with this one :) (I secretly wanted this one more hehe)

My infamous bag :) A HUGE bow on the front XD
I love the interior i think its really cute and the gold chain which is used as a strap can be detached and the bag is converted to a clutch :)

One of my newest purchases are my scarf which is featured in many of my posts since its been freezing in the UK!

It's actually alot warmer than it looks and its pretty light, I hate heavy scarves

I would like everyone to meet my Baby :)
I've been eyeing this clutch since FOREVER but kept convincing myself not to buy it XD
Finally couldn't resist and gave in :)

So what are your addictions?

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

Much Love Chanel


  1. I'm glad you got the clutch you've been wanting, you deserve it! Love all your Vivienne Westwood stuff, I've actually never even seen anything by her around here!

  2. Lol thanks my mum doesn't seem to think that XD
    I Love my ever growning collection!

  3. I like the bracelet the best, but WOW you spent quite a lot of money on VW products, that's so cool *^*

  4. Nice :) I never see Vivienne Westwood items in stores but I'd like to have something by her =] I love your black bag with the huge bow at the front ^^

  5. the necklace is super duper cute!!