Monday, 6 December 2010

British Weather Is Killing Me! Anyone interested in doing a Skincare/Makeup/Things you'd like to recommend Swap?

Most people who live in Britain will know what I'm talking about!
If any of you read my previous post 'Let It Snow' you will all know what the snow is like, it's been here for over a week now and this cold weather is seriously drying out my skin!

For Skin Care I like to use alot of Japanese/Asian brands, since i think they're more effective than the ones you get in England. One of my favourites has to be SKII, which was introduced to me by my beloved mother XD
She has a very simple beauty regime every morning, which consists of mostly SKII and Creme De La Mer (I wonder where i get my expensive taste from -.-)
She uses daily:
SKII Facial Treatment Essence: £112 (215ml)
SKII Facial Lift Emulsion: £87 (100ml)
Creme De La Mer Moisturising Cream: £541 (250ml)
As you can tell my mum really splashes out and spoils herself when it comes to skincare, but it really does pay off! Her skin is uber nice AND cmon shes not so near the age of 21(if i told you how old she was i'd be dead) but still get's ID'd everytime she goes to Vegas and gambles 0.0!
So since being introduced, i've tried out alot of their products. My most recommended has to be the Lip Repair and the Facial Treatment Mask.

The SKII brand is actually really hard to buy in the UK, so normally i'd stock up everytime i go to Hong Kong. I think they've made this brand exclusive to Harrods or something >.< 
For this lip Repair it costs around £35 a stick, which is pretty expensive but it lasts a long time (unless this cold weather becomes a permanent issue). Personally i think this is a fantastic product since it moisturises your lips instantly and doesn't feel all gooey and sticky after it is applied. It's really well presented aswell, in a sleek, shiny silver tube which has a dust cover on aswell! So totally worth the price XD


The Facial Treatment Mask costs about £77 for a box of 10, which works out about £7.70 per mask which isn't too bad.
The mask is supposed to:

Supports your skin’s natural functions

Replenishes moisture, instantly hydrates and helps to prevent dryness

Smoothes surface texture

Enhances clarity making skin brighter, fairer, and more translucent for a youthful and luminous glow

Regulates sebum, reduces T-zone shine by balancing your skin's sebum secretion

Evens skintone, shedding its dull surface layer for a more even skintone

 Supports your skin’s natural functions

I tend to use the SKII Mask once a month maybe, since i also use MBD masks aswell which are just as good!They more affordable and have more choices :) (Which i can proudly say that I've tried most MBD mask that have been available, including some special edition ones since i went to HK and went OTT on masks)

I still have alot of MBD masks and other things that i would love to show you guys, so i would love to do some swaps with anyone who has a good skincare range/ makeup/anything that they would like to introduce me to and we can arrange a little (or big) swapping love packages session :)
If your interested just contact me by email or leave a comment!

 Much Love


  1. I miss mum! Give her a big hug for me, you should stop buying such expensive things chanel -.-
    I would swap with you, but that would be pointless. haha! Though its a pretty good idea =]

  2. yeh i heard that SKII products are great, my sis used it a lot and last time she had some face mask left and she gave it to me so i tried it out and u know what she didn't tell me it was skin lightening mask and my skin colour literally went 2shades lighter ahaha. I look weird with light skin cos am so used to seeing my self tanned, my tan hasnt faded away frm since i was like 6 when i went to hk, it's now turned to my natural skin colour ahaha.
    But theres something about that can't be right, it's kinda like bleaching ur skin lol.

  3. lol didnt have the whitening one like jst the original moisturising one and have u not realised that all the girls from HK want pale skin? i always gt complimented when i go back cuz im kinda white for a chinese person since i dont tan tht easily!
    Theyre always like how are you so white!?! my reply is British weather lolol!

  4. Chanel thanks for commenting on my BLOG! I love your blog and will be more than happy to follow you! Thank you for telling me about your blog!