Monday, 29 November 2010

Let it Snow!

Sooo I promised the lovely Becki (Beckiangel44) that I would post some pictures of the snow we have in Newcastle at the moment!
Becki, I hope this is enough :)
Please enjoy! 

This is the snow outside my front door XD  The pillars are acually flat! There's atleast 10 inches of snow ontop of them! Doesn't it look gorgeous?

 My Baby was left parked up since Wednesday (when it started snowing) and hasn't been moved since. This is the result of it and now my car is stuck :(
I won't be able to move it unless I dig it out! Poor me! I might just wait til it all melts and hibernate until it does XD  

 Making the most of the snow! My back was really wet after this when it started melting and soaking through my coat!
 My Doggy Mulan, enjoying the snow, for some reason she likes to lick the snow... Strange dog lol.
 Making good use of my Hunters <3 They kept my feet nice and dry BUT they're not very warm! I advise you to wear extremely thick socks!
Get your own pair from here! There are soooo many colours, it was soooo hard to decide what pair to get!  

 My little sister Courtney! Knee high in snow!!
My finished Snow Angel!!! Personally i think this was a great snow angel! My younger sister called me a little kid for acting so happy just to play in the snow XD 

This year the snow seems to be extra thick and fluffy!
I hope we have a white Christmas!!!! Im sooo excited!

Much Love Chanel


  1. i miss newcastle!!!! the snowwww :( its just horribly wet and cold here :(
    <3 mulan

  2. oh i want some hunters but they cost a canny bit like, i've just recently purchased 2 cheaper wellies online from and this other website which i cannit remember lol. But yeh shud be coming thru post soon XD

  3. Oooo it looks so cool! I really hope we get some tonight! just so I can make my own snow angel :D your doggy looks so sweet :) xo

  4. wahh never knew you had a doggy xD haha

  5. @Christina I have no idea what you miss its flaming boring here XD

    @Jennifer Wellies are wellies! As long as they do their job it's fine! Cute patterns/colours are a bonus! With the weather being like this they won't b there for a while!

    @Becki I hope you get what you wished for, i mean i was sooo excited about the snow i made my little sister go out to play with me XD But now its jst being a bit of a pain since i can't go nowhere! Damn, i need some retail therapy!

    @Xai you didn't? i thought you knew lol XD must meet up soon for another catchup session!

    Love you guys loads

  6. SOOO much snow! I haven't seen snow in over 3 years, because I live in southern Florida :( I miss making snow angels!