Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Christmasy E.L.F

Ever since I started silently reading/following blogs, i've heard alot about the brand E.L.F
The more I read, the more intrigued I got to trying the brand out for myself.
Being very bad at decision making I found it really hard to choose what products i wanted to try!
So finally the Christmas Collection came out and I was offered 20% off all Christmas products I couldn't resist any longer!

My Haul:
Nail Polish: Party Purple
2 Layers were required for it to make a solid colour,
It's a gorgeous, vibrant purple!

 This is Party Purple(2 layers) + Twinkle (2 layers Clear in colour and very glittery)
With flash :)

The same without flash :) 

Completed Nails:

Sorry about the very unpretty hands I have XD
But I adore these nail varnishes!
Twinkle can be applied onto any colour and add extra sparkle!
Sparkles ALWAYS makes the world look brighter :)
I also bought the 100 colours palette for £15!
I mean that is a bargin!
I will be sure to do a review of this palette :)
Be sure to get your own here!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Much Love Chanel


  1. I havn't tried any of the ELF polishes, just because i didn't think they would be any good, but they seem to have got some good reviews may have to give them a go now! i really really like the look of the glittery one! :) x


  2. haha i have ugly hands too; bf says its stubby :( but i love the glitter for winter, i have magenta nails with a coating of sally hansen sheer glitter on top :) makes me feel in season and festive

  3. I don't have any ELF polishes, but I'd love to try them because they're cruelty-free. Party Purple looks really pretty :)