Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Postie MIA!

So most of you know if you follow me on twitter is that my postman has been missing in action due to the weather this last week! 
He'll survived yesterday and arrived with some of my parcels!!!!
I was sooooo excited!  
First to arrive was my Graze boxes! If you haven't heard of graze i was introduced by my sister
It's a nutritional snack/nibbles distributor! They're extremely good if your on a diet since they all have nutritional value and help with a balanced diet!

They arrive flat packed like this :)
Inside each parcel you get 4 little trays like this:

They're not extremely big portions But it gives you enough to satisfy your nibbling needs! 
On the website you can rate what you like, don't like etc. Bin the stuff you NEVER want them to send and Love the things that you want them to send often :)
It's really easy to sign up and you can cancel whenever you want with no attachments. [You pick what days you want them to send you the nibbles and how frequently them send them!]

My 1st box consisted of: 
Korean Rice Crackers (recommended by my sister)
 Pina Colada (Dried coconut, pineapple and mangoes)
 Kalamata & Amphissa Olives in a Med Marinade
Ooh La La  (Green Raisins, Jumbo Raisins and White Choco drops)

The Korean Rice Crackers were absolutely delicious, I rated them as a 'LOVE' item on the website. 
I've never really been an olive loving type of person, BUT I think i may have been converted :)
They were really nicely marinated and I was really surprised!
As for the Pina Colada i thought it was really dry and i didn't like it that much overall, i ended up eating most of it anyway since it was worth 2 of my 5 a day! I'm a religious believer of following my 5 a day routine XD
I'm glad to announce that chocolate is part of a healthy diet! If eaten moderately it gives the body the natural sugars that we need :) 
In every box they include a Nutritions fact sheet about everything that was included in your nibble box and a tissue for the messy ones XD 

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start a healthy balanced diet and didn't know where to start!
Check out their website here
You can use this code: YY962HK3 and get your 1st box for FREE!
If you dont like it you can cancel it after the 1st box! 
So whats stopping you?!?!? Get Grazing NOW!!!

Much Love 

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