Saturday, 25 December 2010

Love Package!!

Today (Christmas Eve), i received my first ever Love Package!!!
Perfect timing for Christmas! 
Whoop! I'm so happy!!!!!
It came all the way from USA <3
I would love to introduce you all to the Gorgeously Beautiful and Uber Sweet Jennifer! (Check out her blog!)
How this whole thing started was that i blogged about Card Swapping for the Jolly Christmas Season and she was one of the first girls to reply to me <3
We ended up talking alot on twitter and emailing eachother, which ended with swapping addresses :)

I found this on the table when i woke up this morning: 

I was grinning so much I think my mam thought I was crazy XD

Everything was wrapped! She's sooo thoughtful <3

Inside the card she wrote the Sweetest message ever! 
I'm soooo happy that ive made such a good friend <3

I know your not supposed to open your presents until Christmas day but i couldn't resist and I got such a surprise!

I got the EOS Lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew!

I've ALWAYS wanted to try this! I mentioned this to her once and she was uber sweet to remember!
She also sent me a Wet'N'Wild Limited Edition Eye Kit, which is a really lush range of browns
I'll definitely review this when I have time :)

Jen is sooo awesome! She included a lot of Hello Kitty Goodies which were Super Cute!

Aren't the just the cutest?!
I don't wana use them because they look sooo cute!

There were also these beauties in the bag! 
A Wet'n'Wild lipgloss! Can't wait til i try it :)
And a Cream Blush From New York Color 
I adore cream blushers they jst look so smooth!
I'll review these ASAP!

Once Again Thanks Jennifer!!
Can't wait til our future swaps! You are just too generous!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all got what you wished for! 
Much Love Chanel


  1. That's great. She is sweet to have sent those things to you and to have remembered what you wanted. And that is greet it arrived before Christmas. :-)

  2. Oooh lucky girl! Those EOS Lipbalms aren't available where I live )= Oh and you got the LE Wet N Wild palette in Golden Goddess! So gorgeous!

  3. Naww she gave you some awesome stuff! don't know if what i got for you can compare but i really do hope you like them *fingers crossed*
    merry christmas love <3

  4. This is such a cute package <3 !

  5. Tagged you Chanel ^^ !!

  6. Happy Holidays! You've got great items...especially love the Hello kitty gifts! By the way, I love your outfits in the previous posts ^_^