Friday, 3 December 2010

Shoes, VW and DSK Steph

This is my 1st OOTD lol
So, i'm basically a shoe fanatic... i compulsively buy shoes hehe
A girl can't EVER have too many pairs! 
My motto is your shoes take you everywhere, so a good pair of shoes will take you to all the good places in life.
Therefore we need plenty of pairs of shoes to take us to plenty of good places! More the Merrier!!!!

So in this shot i'm wearing:
H&M Roll-neck Jumper - £14.99 (Get it here)
Office Mountaineer Boots- £95 (Get it here)

Aren't they just gorgeous?!?!?  

When i went outside i wore a Cape Jacket From Henry Holland which i just adore, as well as my Vivienne Westwood scarf <3 
(I have this in Black&Grey <3) 

My makeup for the day was just:
MAC Strobe Cream (Buy here)
MAC Tinted Moisturiser in Medium Dark
Chanel Kohl Eyeliner in Noir (Buy here)
Bourjois Paris Volumiser Mascara Noir
ELF All Over Colour Stick in Golden Peach (on my eyelids)
MAC Pink Friday Lipstick :) 

 Sorry about the messy hair XD
As you can see i am wearing coloured contacts,
Which i bought from Pinky Paradise 
These are pink ones, due to the bad lighting again you cant really see but they are very bright especially in the sunlight!
My contacts are the New Adult Pink lenses (buy here)
They really comfortable, i can wear them for 6-8 hours without any discomfort!
I wear contact lenses on a daily basis since im vain like that and i dont really like to wear glasses XD
So finding comfortable ones are really important, Pinky Paradise sell lenses with prescriptions as well as plano, which is fantastic. With every pair you buy they also give you a free animal lens case which are uber cute and come in different colours!

One last thing!
Saving the BEST for last, if you've noticed the necklace i'm wearing, some of you will be familiar with the jewellery maker: DSK Steph
The necklace i'm wearing is: The Large Silver Night & the K-Drama Snowflake on the .925 Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace 16"
 I bought these pendants individually and they arrived in these adorable boxes with the DSK Bow on :)
I like to mix and match my different pendants depending on what outfit im wearing! They're really versatile and are always a perfect finishing touch :)
The Snowflake puts me in a really Christmasy mood <3

In my previous post: Photoshoot! i'm wearing the Large Earth Heart and the Medium Heart :)
For those who haven't heard about Steph(where have you been?!?! jk!) she makes the most unique bracelets which are one of a kind called the Everything Bracelets! I, myself have two of these bracelets :)
 They're sooo amazing its really hard to resist, they are on the slightly expensive side, but when you receive it the quality and uniqueness is totally worth it! Afterall you are paying for something that is one of a kind!
Her Jewelry blog can be accessed from here!
So get your hands on some of her jewelry as a christmas treat! Go on spoil yourself or someone you love!
Her Fashion/Makeup/Life Blog is  here
When you have time be sure to check them out!

Much Love



  1. i totally agree with u, a girl can never have to many pairs of shoes XD Lovine those shoes like!! :)
    Oh i actually recently purcahses a pair of new shoes frm asos, these leopard print wedges XD
    Used to be like £80 and then it got reduce to like £60 then i got a further 20% so was like about £47, what a bargain XD So i had to get it like lol. Still waiting for it to come thru post like, was ment to be nxt day delievery too but with the bloody snow its bloody delayed!! Grrr. Ill post a review of it when i get it tho :)

  2. I love your sweater dress! It's so pretty on you! I need to find myself a sweater this holiday. I'm so bad at fashion and style it's sad! I'm only good with my accessories & makeup. Thanks for linking me to your post & the shout out!

    Happy Holidays!


  3. Just folled your blog. Nice necklace and you look cute with that makeup look :-)

  4. I love your outfit! :) a girl can never have to many pairs of shoes :D X x

  5. Wow, i am in love with the HnM white jumper. It is so cute, and so suitable to be used by you. You look beauty here :)
    Hate that i cant find HnM in Indonesia :(
    Anw, your messy hair also stunning ! :)

  6. Aww thank you so much for the compliment guys!your comments make me so happy <3
    Love <333

  7. I noticed in your earlier posts that you ALWAYS have really cute shoes! I'm so jealous, I only have a few select pairs that I love..
    Your jumper looks hot! The color really compliments your skin tone :)