Friday, 28 January 2011

Dusky Mauve ♥

Barry M brought out some new nail varnish colours and I've managed to get my hands on the 'Dusky Mauve' colour <3
I was actually getting this for Jen since we are doing a swap and this was one of the only things that she asked for! After looking in many Boots and Superdrug stores I found it in the last shop I visited! AND I bought the last 2 bottles XD
Don't worry Jen your one is on it's way! 

(L-R Limited Edition(no name), Duskt Mauve)

The Limited Edition one is a purpley pink colour and for some reason I dont know what the name is -.-
Dusky Mauve is a purpley brown colour! It's really cool <3
Gives a pearly effect aswell :)

Sorry about the gross cut on my finger :( and the really bad photographs ugh! 
I need photography lessons!
This is what it looks like with 2 coats each in different lighting the Dusky Mauve changes from browns to purple <3
(Christina, I know you want this colour so I'll keep an eye out and buy you a bottle ok?? If not you can use mine when you come back =])

I love Barry M :) they're really affordable and they have a wide range of colours,
Another thing I like from them is the Dazzle Dusts, I actually used the dazzle dusts before I used their nail polishes but I love them both just as much :)

Much Love Chanel 


  1. Dusky Mauve is a VERY interesting colour, in fact I can't really define it shade, it's really cool.

  2. Has Jen received your swap package yet? I really hope that it didn't get lost in the mailing process :( Anyway those nail colours are so pretty, and thanks again for sending me a Barry M nail polish <3 xx PS. I actually didn't notice the cut on your finger until you mentioned it xD I was more focused on your pretty nails hehe

  3. I'm SO excited for this!
    Honestly, if they lose this one too I'm going on a rampage!
    thank you :-D

  4. gaaaaaah, i want to add it to my collection so bad! =[ be a nice sister and let me have it first? =D

  5. Loving the mauve colour. Looks..different and fun! I need a good purple that's less pink and more purple. Cute colours~! <3

  6. @Anna yeah its really weird! but a nice weird

    @Jennifer no she hasn't we've both given up :( Your welcome i had fun swapping with you!

    @Jen Lol i sent it as signed for XD cost me £10 but atleast i can make sure it gets there this time! If it doesn't Heads will be rolling!

    @Christina No Chance! ill keep a lookout for you tho :)

  7. I am in love with that dusky mauve! So pretty. Hoping we get Barry M in Canada soon :)

  8. awww.. =( for your paper cut. but i love the gray color nail polish ^_^

  9. Dusky Mauve looks pretty! Barry M nail polishes last a while before chipping, they are great =D

  10. Really like the colours!!


  11. Cute colors! Sorry you have a cut! :(

  12. I've never tried those nail polishes but that's great that they last and look really nice! The Dusky interesting D: