Thursday, 13 January 2011

From Australia With Love...

Today, I received this super sweet goody bag in the post :)
It's from the beautiful Jennifer!
(It's so freaky she has exactly the same name as my cousin XD)

I was super excited and prancing around my living room with the package!

What was meant to be a card swap for the festive season ended up as a love package! 
Jen your too generous! 
Inside the card was the sweetest message ever! 
She's sent me some Australian brands which I cant get in the UK

A Closer look:
Models Prefer Eyeshadow Palette in Plum

All quite neutral colours which I can use everyday and they're very pigmented! 
Love Love Love <3

BYS Blusher in Coral

 I just adore the colour! Gives off a really golden glow in the light <3

Two gorgeous polishes! 
BYS in Pouty Purple and Australis in Pink Pluto

Both with two coats on I love the purple (one of my fave colours other than blue)
The pink is very girly <3

And the cutest Lipbalms ever!

 They look sooooo yummy and smell it too!

Once again Thank you so much Jen!
Can't wait til our future swaps!

Much Love Chanel

P.S If anyone is interested in doing a swap with me just leave me a comment on here or twitter you can also contact me by email! Can't wait to hear from you all <3 


  1. The blush is a gorgeous color! Cute things, I love swaps! I can't wait to post about what you sent to me :D

  2. The cupcake glosses look SO cute, haha she truly is generous <3 The lilac polish ROCKS

  3. Super sweet of her. You got some great items. That blush is killer and of course I love the cupcake lipbalms.

  4. ahwww, that's very sweet =D nice swapp =D

  5. What a lovely swap!

    A little giveaway going on at my blog at the moment leave a comment for some Lush goodies xx

  6. Hehe I'm so happy that it finally reached you <3 The package bag looks so messy compared to when it left my hands haha, must've travelled a long way xD Glad you love it all xoxo

  7. OMG those lip balms are to die for!!! So sweet of her!