Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Oh My...GOSH!! Welcome to the Family

I walked into Superdrug and walked back out with these babies:

I've never tried Gosh cosmetics before but when these were going at half price I couldn't resist!
When can you get a better chance to try something new?!

In the same order from left to right:
564 - Golden Dragon
550 - Purple Heart
593 - Midnight Blue
566 - Metallic Blue 
568 - Metallic Purple

This is the effect after one coating!
Very pigmented, I'm really happy with the results!
Eventhough the Purple Heart looks more close to a shimmery black than a purple and the Metallic Purple looks like a pale pink colour, overall I'm pretty happy with my polish haul <3

As for the 'Welcome to the family' part... 
Well I'd like to announce that I've got a new member joining my VW Family!

I received this gorgeous locket off My Darling Xai (Check out her blog! She's new)
I've actually know her since my 'Chinese school' days XD 
 She's one of the most sweetest and thoughtful person I've ever met!
She knows how much I LOVE Vivienne Westwood and bought me this as a Christmas Gift!
Thank you so much MuiMui <3

 Much Love and Thanks for reading!
Stay Beautiful Girls and Guys


  1. Such pretty frosty colors, they will definitely serve you well year-round! Although I don't have GOSH here.. they are cruelty-free, brownie points! :)

  2. Oh hahaha, the VW addict did it once again! But I really like the necklace, it's cute yet so high-end. You have a very good taste, Chanel!

    As for the polishes, my fave is the Metallic Blue one. I recently noticed I have far too many blue polishes ._.

  3. The necklace is just gorgeous!! Good deal on the polishes!! I agree with you about the best time to try new things is when they're half off haha. Loving the metallic purple. I find myself falling in love with greens and purples lately

  4. hehe great polishes at a great price! i've only heard of gosh polishes because one of them is a dupe for Nubar 2010.. the flakies top coat =) hehe..

  5. I really like purple heart and midnight blue. We have GOSH here but I have never tried any of their polishes.

  6. ooh nice chanel, You have to let me try the purple one sometimes (:

  7. Love the colours. I have a GOSH nail varnish in Rainbow and i looove it. Ive heard Hologram is amazing, i picked it up the other day then put it back! Big mistake! :( xx

  8. @ Karen yea the colours are gorgeous! CF is the best :)
    @ Anna thats me XD I Love blue polishes too <3
    @ Sushi #I love bargins :) makes me feel better when buying things XD

    @Siwing oo wouldn't mind doing a swap with u if u want :)
    @Funny It's a must try if they're on offer :)
    @Christina wou'll use them even if i say no -.-
    @Steph lol go back and get it girl!!!