Thursday, 30 December 2010

TAG! Your It!

Today, I was tagged by the Beautiful Elisa :)
Thank you Elisa!!
The rules i have to follow are:
1) Name your ups and downs in 2010 in a blogpost
2) Tag at least 5 other bloggers

 Lets get this party started!!!!! 

Where do I start?!?
The Ups of 2010

1) The 1st 'Up' of my 2010 has to be starting my own blog. I was really skeptical about starting this blog up but after much encouragment and a few pushes (or shoves off my sister ^^) I plucked up the courage to get this going :)
I'll never regret starting this! It's helped me meet so many nice people/bloggers which I would love to have as my lifelong friends!
Thank you all for the support!!

2) Finding out I have a half brother after 20 years of my life. lol odd right?
When I was a little girl I always said to my mum that I wanted an older brother...obviously that's impossible! OBVIOUSLY NOT
I went back to HK at the beginning of the year and got the shock of my life. My cousin introduced me to a guy saying he was my brother. I laughed thinking he was joking but i was soooo wrong. He's my half brother, belonging to my dad and his ex-wife. I had no idea my dad had an ex-wife... Clueless much?!?! 
 O well, at least my wish came true AND we get on pretty well, eventhough I don't get to see him often!

The Down of 2010

I only have one down of 2010 and that is spending too much time working and not enjoying my life enough!
I'm determined to change that in the new year! 

I always try to think optimistically and hope for the best :) It's healthier for the Mind, Body and Soul hehe 
Stressing too much gives you wrinkles!  

 Now for the second rule to be completed!

The bloggers i'm tagging are: 

Have fun girls! <3 

With Love Chanel


  1. ahaha you tagged me...okay!! aww your down sounds sooo much like my life~!

  2. Ohhh, I always wanted a brother too >.<" grr.. but too bad that's not going to happen =( my house is full of girls ! =/

    and your down looks similar to mine xD i spend way too much time on school, and i don't even enjoy my life atm .. this has change in 2011 =)

  3. Wow. That must have been a shock to find that out, but I'm glad it was a happy surprise for you. Do you keep in touch with him now?

  4. Us girls HAVE to change that in 2011! :)

    And Yes Tom was a real shock, at 1st i was pretty angry was gna punch my dad but im ok with it now!
    We try to keep intouch but it is hard when we hardly see eachother XD


  5. You and bro look so much alike anyways lol! We should've figured ^^